Song Yao
Associate Professor of Marketing, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

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Research Interest: Advertising, Online Marketing, New Media, Auctions, Pricing.


Working papers (available upon request if no link is posted for the manuscript):

Work in progress:
  • Daljord, Øystein, Carl F. Mela, Jim Sprigg, and Song Yao, “Forward-looking Behavior and Goal Progress in Loyalty Programs.”
  • Qin, Marco, Song Yao, and Wenbo Wang, “Demand Estimation for Bike-sharing.”
  • Xu, Linli, Song Yao, Yi Zhu, Jiaoju Ge, “The Impact of Surge Pricing in Ride-Sharing Market.”
  • Yoo, Hyesung, Maria Ana Vitorino, and Song Yao, “Hospital Competition and Quality Under Regulated Prices: Evidence from the Entry of High-Speed Train in South Korea”.